; Name          : tick.asm
; Build         : nasm -felf64 -o tick.o -l tick.lst tick.asm
;                 ld -s -m elf_x86_64 tick.o -o tick
; Description   : example of named pipes in assembler, goes together with speak.asm
; Source        : http://beej.us/guide/bgipc/output/html/multipage/fifos.html
; Remark:
; there is no error handling in this example

[list -]
     %include "unistd.inc"
     %include "sys/stat.inc"
     %define FIFO_NAME "american_maid"

[list +]

bits 64

section .bss

    fd:            resq      1                                  ; file descriptor of named pipe
    buffer:        resb      300                                ; buffer to write to
    .length:       equ       $-buffer
    num            resq      1
    .hundreds:     resb      1
    .tens:         resb      1
    .digits:       resb      1

section .data

    fifo_name:     db        FIFO_NAME, 0
    waiting:       db        "waiting for writers...", 10
    .length:       equ       $-waiting
    gotwriter:     db        "got a writer", 10
    .length:       equ       $-gotwriter
    .part1:        db        "tick: read "
    .part1.length: equ       $-readbytes.part1
    .part2:        db        ' bytes: "'
    .part2.length: equ       $-readbytes.part2
    .part3:        db        '"', 10
    .part3.length: equ       $-readbytes.part3
section .text
    global _start
    syscall   mknod, fifo_name, S_IFIFO | S_IRUSR | S_IWUSR, 0
    syscall   write, stdout, waiting, waiting.length
    syscall   open, fifo_name, O_RDONLY
    mov       qword[fd], rax
    syscall   write, stdout, gotwriter, gotwriter.length
    syscall   read, qword[fd], buffer, buffer.length
    mov       qword[num], rax
    syscall   write, stdout, readbytes.part1, readbytes.part1.length

    ; convert bytes read to decimal and print
    mov       rax, qword[num]
    mov       rbx, 10  
    xor       rdx, rdx
    div       rbx
    or        dl, "0"
    mov       byte[numbuffer.digits], dl
    xor       rdx, rdx
    div       rbx
    and       dl, dl
    or        dl, "0"
    mov       byte[numbuffer.tens], dl
    xor       rdx, rdx
    div       rbx
    or        dl, "0"
    mov       byte[numbuffer.hundreds], dl
    mov       rsi, numbuffer
    mov       rdx, 3
    mov       al, byte[numbuffer.hundreds]
    xor       al, "0"
    jnz       checktens
    inc       rsi
    dec       rdx
    mov       rcx, 1                                            ; hundreds are zero
    mov       al, byte[numbuffer.tens]
    xor       al, "0"
    jnz       printnum
    cmp       rcx, 1
    jne       printnum
    inc       rsi
    dec       rdx
    syscall   write, stdout
    syscall   write, stdout, readbytes.part2, readbytes.part2.length
    syscall   write, stdout, buffer, qword[num]
    syscall   write, stdout, readbytes.part3, readbytes.part3.length
    ; did we wrote any bytes?
    mov       rax, qword[num]
    and       rax, rax
    jnz       repeat
    syscall   exit, 0