A section more dedicated to 'real' networking applications.  Only two examples are ready for this moment and in a periodically state of improvement.  I's quite simple to build.  To explore you need the httpserver for the sockettest example.  You can also access the httpserver with your favorite browser.  More than serving a basic webpage and showing received headers there is not but ... it's improving.  It's a nice demo anyway.

BIN=httpserver sockettest

NASMOPTS=-felf64 -Fdwarf
LDOPS=-melf_x86_64 -g

.PHONY: all clean

all: $(BIN)

	rm -rf $(BIN)

%: %.asm
	$(NASM) $(NASMOPTS) -o $@.o $<
	$(LD) $(LDOPS) -o $@ $@.o
	rm -f $@.o