This section contains all include files I've made and remade from existing sources on the internet and local sources from development files originating from the C programming language. It's a tedious (and sometimes boring) job to do therefor these files aren't complete and may (they do) contain errors, due to mis understanding values (hexadecimal or octal values, datatype conversions etc.), typos, all stuff that shouldn't exist but do happen.  If I encounter errors when making examples I change them instantly and update github immediately.  I guarantie that the examples work as they should have to but for non-used values and include files I give no warranty.

In the past I've used nasmx a while but found macros not an easy choice for my projects.  I like to keep it assembly language way and find the use of macros more like programming in a higher level programming language.  However they are sometimes useful and especially, and make use of the nasmx macro.

All include files at my system are in the directoy ~/Nasm/includes. The NASMENV environment variable is set to this path with export NASMENV=-I//Nasm/includes/ (don't forget the trailing / ).  You should use your own location to the include files ofcourse.

Suggestion: clone the include files from github to somewhere suitable for your needs on your harddisk.  Point the NASMENV to it.  Each update you make of the include files are also known by nasm when assembling sources. You can make a link to the repository includes and point NASMENV to the link.  I prefer the latter.

You can use the link above this page to get a compressed package of the include files or you can clone them with git clone