There is no syscall to get the pagesize of a platform in Linux Mint. However, it's a fixed value depending the platform (x86, x86_64, etc) you're using it's enough to know the value of it. On this system it's 4096 bytes so it's enough to have it in an include file.  If that value isn't for sure you have to determine it yourself because it can change for reasons.  Therefor this program.  It's an alternative for the sysconf(PAGESIZE) function of C/C++.

If you like more reading then check the links. (slider 10)

Especially the first one is interesting because it explains how pagesizes can be calculated.

; Name:         pagesize.asm
; Build:        nasm "-felf64" pagesize.asm -l pagesize.lst -o pagesize.o 
; Description:  Get the pagesize programmatically of a platform
; Source:

bits 64

[list -]
    %include ""
    %include "sys/"
[list +]

global pagesize
section .text

    push        r15                         ;save help registers
    push        r14
    push        r10
    push        r9
    push        r8
    push        rdx
    push        rsi
    push        rdi   
    xor         r14,r14
    inc         r14
    mov         r15,r14
    shl         r15,1                                                   
    syscall     mmap,0,r15,PROT_NONE,MAP_ANONYMOUS | MAP_PRIVATE,-1,0
    and         rax,rax
    js          .failed
    mov         rdx,rax
    mov         r15,rax
    add         r15,r14
    syscall     munmap,r15,r14
    mov         r8,rax                      ;save error code
    mov         r15,r14
    shl         r15,1
    syscall     munmap,rdx,r15
    mov         rax,r14
    and         r8,r8                       ;if r8==0 then we have our pagesize
    jz          .exit
    clc                                     ;clear carry bit
    rcl         r14,1                       ;we do a rotate instead of a shift
    jc          .failed                     ;to avoid an endless loop
    jmp         .repeat                     ;still not there
    mov         rax,-1
    pop         rdi                         ;restore used registers
    pop         rsi
    pop         rdx
    pop         r8
    pop         r9
    pop         r10
    pop         r14
    pop         r15