For the die hards there is also a possibility to use assembler programs, snippets, libraries, etc.. on smartphones.  Although most smartphones are ARM based, you can use Intel based code also within an emulator for Intel based smartphones (logic, right?).  I've looked around on the internet how to accomplish this and, honestly, it wasn't that easy but finally I succeeded.  I hope I can make things easier with this article, that's why I wrote this.
Don't expect a native assembly language app because apps are usually (or am I wrong) based on Java.  With g++ support you can use c++ code and because of this also assembly language.  Someone has made a plugin for Android to use yasm (a nasm variant) I show you how to use nasm and not yasm (I did use yasm one time and it lacks some features of nasm).

I will not explain how you have to download and install Android Studio. That matter is discussed very good on the internet.  I"m also not going to explain how to make your first app.  Just open a new project with c++ support and let Android Studio do the rest, call me lazy, I am.

To make things easy and cheap I've downloaded Android Studio for making apps.  So go ahead, download and install Android Studio, in the next article I explain what you must do next.