;name:          sslsocket.asm
;build:         nasm -felf64 sslsockettest.asm -l sslsockettest.lst -o sslsockettest.o
;               ld -melf_x86_64 -g --dynamic-linker /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 -o sslsockettest sslsockettest.o `pkg-config --libs openssl`
;description:   this program is a convertion to assembly language of a C program from the internet.  I forgot the origin.

bits 64
[list -]
%include "sslsocket.inc"
[list +]

section .bss

    ctx:        resq    1
    bio:        resq    1
    file_fd:    resq    1
    buf:        resb    1024
    buf.len:    equ     $-buf

section .data

section .rodata

    host:       db      HOST,0
    request:    db      "GET / HTTP/1.1",EOL
                db      "Host: ",HOST ,EOL
                db      "Connection: close",EOL
                db      EOL
    .len:       equ     $-request
    msg_ctx_null:           db  MSG_CTX_NULL,LF
    .len:                   equ $-msg_ctx_null
    msg_ssl_uninitialized:  db  MSG_SSL_UNINITIALIZED, LF
    .len:                   equ $-msg_ssl_uninitialized

    filename:               db "response.txt",0

    error_msg_file_creation:    db  ERROR_FILE_CREATION,LF
    .len:                       equ $-error_msg_file_creation

    msg_connection_failed:      db  ERROR_CONNECTION_FAILED,LF
    .len:                       equ $-msg_connection_failed

    msg_request_failed:         db  ERROR_REQUEST_FAILED,LF
    .len:                       equ $-msg_request_failed

section .text
    global _start
    ;open file in read/write mode, create it if not exists, after the file creation we got 
    ;a file with read/write permissions for the owner and the owners group.
    ;because of 
    ;I've used O_RDWR to have the possibility to tail -f and watch the output
    syscall open,filename,O_RDWR | O_CREAT, S_IRUSR | S_IWUSR | S_IRGRP | S_IWGRP
    test    rax,rax
    js      file_creation_error                 ;negative return values are errors
    mov     qword[file_fd],rax
    ;the file is created and open for writing, connect, get reply and store it in the file
    xor     rdi,rdi
    xor     rsi,rsi
    call    OPENSSL_init_ssl
    test    rax,rax
    jz      ssl_uninitialized_error

    ; ssl has been initialized
    call    TLS_client_method
    mov     rdi,rax
    call    SSL_CTX_new
    mov     qword[ctx],rax
    test    rax,rax
    jz      ctx_null_error

    mov     rdi,qword[ctx]
    call    BIO_new_ssl_connect
    mov     qword[bio],rax
    mov     rcx,host            ;hostname zero-terminated
    xor     rdx,rdx             ;must be zero
    mov     rsi,C_SET_CONNECT
    mov     rdi,qword[bio]
    extern  BIO_ctrl
    call    BIO_ctrl
    xor     rcx,rcx             ;must be zero
    xor     rdx,rdx             ;must be zero
    mov     rsi,BIO_C_DO_STATE_MACHINE
    mov     rdi,qword[bio]
    call    BIO_ctrl
    test    rax,rax
    setle   al
    test    al,al
    jnz     connection_failed_error

    mov     rdx,request.len
    mov     rsi,request
    mov     rdi,qword[bio]
    extern  BIO_write
    call    BIO_write
    test    eax,eax
    setle   al
    test    al,al
    jnz     request_failed_error
    jmp     get_response

    test    rax,rax
    jle     done
    syscall write,qword[file_fd],buf,rax
    mov     rdx,buf.len
    mov     rsi,buf
    mov     rdi,qword[bio]
    call    BIO_read
    jmp     get_chunk
    mov     rdi,qword[bio]
    call    BIO_free_all
    mov     rdi,qword[ctx]
    call    SSL_CTX_free
    xor     rdi,rdi
    jmp     exit
    mov     rsi,msg_connection_failed
    mov     rdx,msg_connection_failed.len
    jmp     write
    mov     rsi,msg_request_failed
    mov     rdx,msg_request_failed.len
    jmp     write
    mov     rsi,msg_ctx_null
    mov     rdx,msg_ctx_null.len
    jmp     write
    mov     rsi,msg_ssl_uninitialized
    mov     rdx,msg_ssl_uninitialized.len
    jmp     write
    mov     rsi,error_msg_file_creation
    mov     rdx,error_msg_file_creation.len
    syscall write,stdout                        ;write error message
    syscall exit,0