;name: minmax.asm
;build: nasm -felf64 minmax.asm -o minmax.o
;       ld -melf_x86_64 minmax.o -o minmax
;description: Determine the minimum and maximum from a list of integers (wordsize).
;             Must be viewed in debugger because there is no output to stdout.

bits 64

%include "unistd.inc"

global _start

section .bss

section .data
    ; the list
    numlist:    dw 56, 45, 36, 67, 76, 22, 89, 12, 29, 83
    ; the list length from which we will cacluate the number of integers in the list
    .length:    equ $-numlist
    min:        dw 0
    max:        dw 0
section .text

    mov     rbx,numlist.length	    ;size in bytes of numbers
    and     rbx,rbx                 ;is list empty?
    jz      exit                    ;nothing to do list is empty
    shr     rbx,1                   ;divided by two (2 bytes in one word) gives number of integers
    mov     rsi,numlist             ;start of integer list
    cld                             ;D flag should be zero, make zero just to be sure
    mov     rcx,rbx                 ;move number of integers in RCX (= loop counter)
    lodsw                           ;load word in ax
    cmp     rcx,rbx                 ;is it first number in list?
    je      firstMinMax             ;yes, min and max are both the same at this point
    cmp     ax,word[max]            ;not the first number in the list compare with maximum
    jg      newMax                  ;if greater than current max then ax has new maximum (use jg for signed integers else use ja)
    cmp     ax,word[min]            ;not greater, lower perhaps?
    jl      newMin                  ;yes, ax has new minimum (use jl for signed integers else use jb)
    loop    repeat                  ;if RCX isn't zero then there are more integers in the list, so repeat loop
    jmp     exit                    ;otherwise we exit the program, WORD[min] has minimum from list, WORD[max] has the maximum from the list
    mov     word[min],ax            ;store first minimum
    mov     word[max],ax            ;store (new or first) maximum
    jmp     next                    ;check for next integer
    mov     word[min],ax            ;store new minimum
    jmp     next                    ;check for next integer
    mov     ax,word [min]           ;minimum in ax
    mov     bx,word [max]           ;maximum in bx
    syscall exit, 0