%ifndef _ASM_EPOLL_INC_
%define _ASM_EPOLL_INC_    1

	; Get the platform-dependent flags.
	%define		EPOLL_CLOEXEC = 0x02000000

	; EPOLL events
	%define		EPOLLIN			0x001
	%define		EPOLLPRI		0x002
	%define		EPOLLOUT		0x004
	%define		EPOLLRDNORM		0x040
	%define		EPOLLRDBAND		0x080
	%define		EPOLLWRNORM		0x100
	%define		EPOLLWRBAND		0x200
	%define		EPOLLMSG		0x400
	%define		EPOLLERR		0x008
	%define		EPOLLHUP		0x010
	%define		EPOLLRDHUP		0x2000
	%define		EPOLLWAKEUP		0x20000000		; 1u << 29,
	%define		EPOLLONESHOT	0x40000000		; 1u << 30,
	%define		EPOLLET			0x800000000		; 1u << 31

	; Valid opcodes ( "op" parameter ) to issue to epoll_ctl().
	%define EPOLL_CTL_ADD 1		; Add a file descriptor to the interface.
	%define EPOLL_CTL_DEL 2		; Remove a file descriptor from the interface.
	%define EPOLL_CTL_MOD 3		; Change file descriptor epoll_event structure.

	%endif		; _ASM_EPOLL_INC_