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;name: bytetoascii.asm
;description: branch free conversion of a BYTE in DIL to ASCII in AX
;             with use of BX and CX as help registers.
;build: nasm "-felf64" bytetoascii.asm -o bytetoascii.o
;	ld -s -melf_x86_64 bytetoascii.o -o bytetoascii  
;the algorithm: see bytetoascii.txt file

bits 64

%include ""

global _start

section .bss

section .data
    hexbyte:	db  0x9C
    output:	db  "0x"
    buffer:	dw  0
    crlf:	db  10
    length:	equ $-output
section .text

    mov	    dil,byte[hexbyte]
    call    bytetoascii
    ror	    ax,8			;reverse byte order
    mov	    word[buffer],ax
    syscall write,stdout,output,length
    syscall exit,0

; in :  DIL has the byte to convert
; out : AX  has the converted byte
; values of BX and CX are destroyed.
    mov	    al,dil
    shl	    ax,4		;high nibble in AH
    shr	    al,4		;low nibble back in AL
    mov	    bx,0x0606		;constant 0x0606 in BX
    mov	    cx,0xF0F0		;mask in CX
    add	    ax,bx   		;AH=AH+6, AL=AL+6
    and	    cx,ax		;get high nibbles from AH and AL in CX
    sub	    ax,bx		;subtract 0x0606 from AH and AL
    shr	    cx,1		;shift right CX once, gives 0 or 0x0808 in CX
    sub	    ax,cx		;subtract CX from AX
    shr	    cx,3		;shift right CX three times,, gives 0 or 0x0101 in CX
    sub	    ax,cx		;subtract CX from AX
    shr	    bx,1		;adjust BX, gives 0x0303
    add	    bx,cx		;add CX to BX, gives 0x0303 or 0x0404
    shl	    bx,4		;move bits in right position, gives 0x3030 or 0x4040
    or	    ax,bx		;make AX ASCII