;name: dealcards.asm
;build: nasm -felf64 dealcards.asm -o dealcards.o
;       ld -s -melf_x86_64 -o dealcards dealcards.o 
;description: Create a set of shuffled cards.
;             This demo creates 20 sets of dealed cards

[list -]
    %include "unistd.inc"
[list +]

;numbers are displayed wrong above 99
%define TOTAL_CARDS 52

bits 64
section .data
    shuffledcards:  times TOTAL_CARDS db 0
    buffer:         times 2 db 0
    spacer:         db " "
    eol:            db 0x0A

section .text

global _start

    mov     rdi,shuffledcards              ;pointer to buffer for the shuffled cards
    mov     rsi,TOTAL_CARDS                ;total cards to shuffle
    call    shuffle                        ;shuffle the cards
    mov     rdi,shuffledcards              ;pointer to the cards
    mov     rsi,TOTAL_CARDS                ;number of cards to show
    call    showCards                      ;show the cards
    mov     rsi,eol
    mov     rdx,1
    call    writeString                    ;print end of line
    syscall exit,0
;RDI : pointer to buffer with cards to show
;RSI : number of cards to show
    mov     rcx,rsi                        ; number of cards to show in rcx
    mov     rsi,rdi                        ; pointer to card buffer in rdi
    xor     rax,rax
    mov     rbx,10
    xor     rdx,rdx
    idiv    rbx
    or      dl,"0"
    mov     byte[buffer+1],dl
    mov     rdx,2                          ; length of output
    or      al,"0"
    mov     byte[buffer],al
    push    rcx
    push    rsi
    mov     rsi,buffer
    mov     rdx,3
    call    writeString
    pop     rsi
    pop     rcx
    loopnz  .next

;RSI : pointer to the string
;RDX : length of the string
    syscall write,stdout

;RDI : pointer to buffer where the cards must be stored
;RSI : total cards in a deck
    mov     rbx,rsi                         ;TOTAL_CARDS in bl
    xor     r8,r8
    inc     r8                              ;increment counter
    cmp     r8,rbx                          ;TOTAL_CARDS reached?
    jg      .endshuffling
    rdtsc                                   ;read the time stamp counter
    shr     rax,3                           ;divide by 8, this an empirical value, without, the algorithm takes a long time for cards = 52, 20
                                            ;still don't know why
    xor     ah,ah
    idiv    bl                              ;tsc divided by TOTAL_OF_CARDS, modulo in RDX
    and     ah,ah
    jne     .check
    mov     ah,bl                           ;if remainder is zero, then remainder is the highest card
    ;loop through shuffledcards to check if card is already choosen
    mov     rsi,rdi
    mov     rcx,r8
    lodsb                                   ;AL has the card
    and     al,al
    je      .storecard
    cmp     al,ah
    je      .tryagain
    loop    .checknext
    dec     rsi
    mov     byte[rsi],ah
    jmp     .newcard