;name: addarrays.asm
;description: add 2 arrays with AVX instructions
;             the source is an example of AVX512 but I don't have this on my CPU so it's a downgrade to AVX
;source: https://www.physicsforums.com/insights/an-intro-to-avx-512-assembly-programming/

bits 64

global AddArrays

align 64

section .text

    push    rbp
    mov     rbp,rsp

    ;rdi : dest array
    ;rsi : pointer to array1
    ;rdx : pointer to array2
    vmovaps ymm0, [rsi]              ;load the first source array
    vmovaps ymm1, [rdx]              ;load the second source array
    vaddps  ymm2, ymm0,ymm1           ;add the two arrays
    vmovaps [rdi],ymm2               ;store the array sum

    mov     rsp,rbp
    pop     rbp